ServantsRoom 72dpi 860wA regular staff of servants accompanied the Flaglers to their Palm Beach winter estate each year. Many of these servants lived on the second floor west wing, which housed thirteen separate servants' bedrooms. A portion of these rooms now serves as space for temporary exhibits focusing on topics related to Henry Flagler and America's Gilded Age.

Whitehall's domestic space also included kitchen and pantry areas and a servants' dining room, located in the northwest wing of the estate. This wing, destroyed when the hotel addition was built in 1925, was located where the Museum's Business Office is today.

On the northwest lawn of the Museum was a separate building which housed the laundry and also served as a residence for black servants. This separate building was demolished in 1925 when the estate was converted to a hotel.

Five rooms located on the third floor were used by the staff of the Flaglers' guests, as it was customary at the time for wealthy individuals to travel with their own personal attendants.