Past Music Series

Regularly featured on Performance Today! and National Public Radio, the Flagler Museum Music Series brings acclaimed musicians to the finest chamber music venue in South Florida. Audience members experience chamber music as it was intended, in a gracious and intimate setting. We encourage you to visit past Music Series pages to discover some of the renowned musicians who've performed at the Flagler Museum.

The Flagler name has long been associated with great music. Henry and Mary Lily Flagler frequently hosted musical performances in Whitehall's Music Room equipped with a 1,249 pipe J.H. & C.S. Odell & Co. organ. Flagler's son, Henry Harkness Flagler, was instrumental in the organization of the New York Symphony Society, serving also as its president. Jean Flagler Matthews, founder of the Flagler Museum and Henry Flagler's granddaughter, restored Whitehall's elaborate Odell organ and brought the New York Philharmonic, conducted by Leonard Bernstein, to South Florida for a Museum benefit concert in 1969.

Music Series audience members not only enjoy beautiful chamber music but also enjoy the rare opportunity to meet the musicians during a champagne and dessert reception following each concert.

2023 Flagler Museum Music Series

Frost School of Music series

The 2023 Flagler Museum Music Series featured performances by the Viano String Quartet (February 7), Violinist Simone Porter (February 14), Summit Piano Trio (February 21), Cuarteto Latinoamericano (February 28), and the Neave Trio (March 7).

2022 Flagler Museum Music Series

Frost School of Music series

The 2022 Music Series featured award-winning faculty and students from Frost School of Music at the University of Miami: Frost Faculty String Trio (February 1), KHAOS Wind Quintet (February 8), The Brian Lynch Artist Ensemble (February 15), Deco Saxophone Quartet (February 22), John Daversa & Tal Cohen Duo (March 1), and The Frost MSJ Faculty Sextet (March 8).

2020 Flagler Museum Music Series

American String Quartet 2 credit Peter Schaaf

The 2020 Music Series included concerts by: Ying Quartet (January 14), Aureole Trio (January 28), Euclid Quartet (February 11), American String Quintet (February 25), Claremont Trio (March 10).

2019 Flagler Museum Music Series

TAP 2059 72dpi

The 2019 Series included concerts by: Delphi Trio (January 8), The Mesa-Yakushev Duo (January 22), Gryphon Trio (February 5), Akropolis Reed Quintet (February 19), Thalea Quartet (March 5).

2018 Flagler Museum Music Series

Tesla RGB 72

The 2018 Series includes concerts by Tesla Quartet (January 9th), Hermitage Piano Trio (January 23rd), Prima Trio (February 6th), Boston Trio (February 20th), Henschel Quartett (March 6th).

2017 Flagler Museum Music Series

Dover QuartetRGB72

The 2017 Series includes: Dover Quartet (Jan. 10), Telegraph Quartet (Jan. 24), Jolente De Maeyer & Nikolaas Kende (Feb. 7), Trio Céleste (Feb. 21), and St. Petersburg Piano Quartet (Mar. 7).

2016 Flagler Museum Music Series

Bennewitz RGB72v2

The 2016 Series includes: The New Orford Quartet (Jan. 12), the Vega Quartet (Jan. 26), the Neave Trio (Feb. 9), the Bennewitz Quartet (Feb. 23), the Meccore Strng Quartet (Mar.8).

2015 Flagler Museum Music Series

Parker Quartet Web

The 2015 Series included concerts by: The Parker Quartet (Jan. 6), The Aspen String Trio (Jan. 20), Calidore String Quartet (Feb. 3), Fine Arts Quartet (Feb. 17), Auryn Quartet (Mar.3).

2014 Flagler Museum Music Series

Yoonie Han

The 2014 Series included concerts by: Shanghai Quartet (Jan. 7), Yoonie Han & the Gloriosa Trio (Jan. 21),
Cuarteto Latinoamericano (Feb. 4), Atos Trio (Feb. 18), Talich Quartet (Mar. 4).

2013 Flagler Museum Music Series

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The 2013 Series included concerts by: Quartetto Bernini (Jan. 8), Utrecht String Quartet (Jan. 22), Schubert Ensemble (Feb. 5), Vienna Piano Trio (Feb. 19).

2012 Flagler Museum Music Series

Joanna Marie Frankel violinist

The 2012 Series included concerts by: Adaskin String Trio (Jan. 10), Euclid Quartet (Jan. 24), Stradivari Quartet (Feb. 7),
Moscow String Quartet (Feb. 21) and Violinist Joanna Marie Frankel (March 6).

2011 Flagler Museum Music Series


The 2011 Series included concerts by: Enso String Quartet (Jan. 11), Ying Quartet (Jan. 25), Alianza String Quartet (Feb. 8), Storioni Trio (Feb. 22) and Lincoln Trio (March 8).

2010 Flagler Museum Music Series

Frank Almond RGB96

The 2010 Series included concerts by: Violinist Frank Almond (Jan. 12), Amelia Piano Trio (Feb. 9), Leipzig String Quartet (Jan. 26),
Intersection Trio (Feb. 23), and American String Quartet (March 9).

2009 Flagler Museum Music Series

Tempesta di Mare

The 2009 Series included concerts by: Poulenc Trio (Jan. 6), The Santa Fe Guitar Quartet (Jan. 20), The Prima Trio (Feb. 3),
Yi-Jia Sussane Hou (Feb. 19), and Tempesta di Mare (March, 3).

2008 Flagler Museum Music Series

Trio Fedele Web 000

The 2008 Series included concerts by: Brazilian Guitar Quartet (Jan. 15), Trio Fedele (Jan. 30), Red Preist (Feb. 11), Cuarteto Casals (Feb.26), and Alexander Markov (March 6).

2007 Flagler Museum Music Series


The 2007 Series included concerts by: Claremont Trio (Jan. 26), Rossetti String Quartet (Jan. 23), Pedja Muzijevic (Feb. 6),
Janice Martin (Feb. 20), and the Georgia Guitar Quartet (March 6)

2006 Flagler Museum Music Series


The 2006 Series included concerts by: Nokuthula Ngwenyama (Jan. 24), Colorado String Quartet (Feb. 14), Thomas Gallant (Feb. 28),
The Gryphon Trio (March 14),The Borealis Wind Quintet (March 28).

2005 Flagler Museum Music Series


The 2005 Series included concerts by: Andrew Kohji Taylor (Dec. 14), Musica Pacifica (Jan. 11), Auréole (Feb. 15), The Lark Quartet (March 8), Trio Solisti (April 12).

2004 Flagler Museum Music Series


The 2004 Series included concerts by: Christopher O'Riley (Dec. 9), Brentano String Quartet (Jan. 13), Leila Josefowicz (Feb. 10), Windscape (March 16), Ames Piano Quartet (April 5).

2003 Flagler Museum Music Series

kodama 000

The 2003 Series included concerts by: St. Lawrence String Quartet (Dec. 11), Guild Trio (March 12), Robert McDuffie (April 9), Marina Piccinini (Jan. 15), Mari Kodama (Feb. 12)

2002 Flagler Museum Music Series

Tamaki Kawakubo RGB

The 2002 Series included concerts by: Edgar Meyer (Nov. 28), Meliora Winds (Dec. 12), Tamaki Kawakubo (Jan. 23), Helene Grimaud (Feb. 13), The Beaux Arts Trio (March 13).