MusicRoom 72dpi 860wMusic was a popular form of entertainment in the early twentieth century and Flagler employed a resident organist each season to play the 1,249-pipe J.H. & C.S. Odell Co. organ installed in the west wall. The furniture selected for the Music Room is easily moved and situated along the north and south walls, making it easy to arrange for musical performances and other occasions. In the Music Room, Mrs. Flagler held meetings of the Fortnightly Club, a group of women who gathered for programs of academic and literary lectures and musicales. Mrs. Flagler also hosted bridge parties in this room.

The Music Room doubled as an art gallery and arranged on the walls are some paintings from Flagler's collection, including a portrait of Mary Lily painted in 1902. The "Lady in the Veil" marble bust in the southeast corner of the Music Room was sculpted by E. Fiaschi in a style popular in the late nineteenth century. In the dome of the ceiling is a copy of Guido Reni's "Aurora" painted on canvas. Recessed lighting, an example of Gilded Age technology, illuminates the canvas.